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So, what do you really do?

When tell people that I am a management consultant, I frequently get a “multi-media” (facial expressions, gestures, non-word sounds) display that precedes the title question. It’s most hilarious with family and close friends who have been trying to solve the mystery for years.

Of course, as a management consultant, the proforma response is: “it depends”. That doesn’t cut it but eyes glaze when you try to describe what you are currently doing and why it’s important.

Were Adam, Moses and the prophets, the first management consultants? They God advice and performed services.

Notwithstanding the humour, it is important that consultants, clients and the general public get some cogent idea of what management consultant do and, more importantly, should do. There is a consultant’s (management or technical) influence on virtually every¬† aspect of what we currently experience in the world today.

I Googled “management consulting books” and got 668,000 results. Not all were books but much has been and said over the years. It is estimated that in developed markets, 1 person of every 1000 claims to be a consultant. I know from experience, most of these are between jobs or unemployable.

I hope this book will make it easier to identify the genuine professional whose worth will be several times what you actually pay in fees.

Let me know what you now use to identify a competent management consultant.

God bless.


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